Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Magnolia Tilda

Here is a Magnolia Tilda which I inked up and coloured this past weekend over at my awesome friend Deb's house. I had such a nice afternoon with Deb and Chantal. Thanks ladies! I finished off my card after I put the girls to bed that Saturday night.


Darthy said...

I love it. She's a cutie for sure. Hey, I'm that awesome friend Deb. hahahahaha. Love spending time with you too Steph! Let's do it again very very soon. Plus you owe me a lesson in colouring.

4furbabies said...

Oh my - Purples and Lavendars and Tilda with the Kitty too-- now this is my kind of card-
Love all the above - Great card
God Bless