Friday, January 17, 2014

Back in the saddle....

Thank goodness for online challenges and goal setting linkies!  While surfing the net, (when I should be doing more productive things like cleaning, laundry, cooking or sewing), I've stumbled upon a few Hexagon fellow lovers blogs!  After seeing all of the wonderful hand stitched goodness, this inspired me to dust off an old UFO and start working on it again!  After a wonderful evening of stitching some hexies together while watching some adult tv (by adult I mean no kids shows lol) - some Criminal Minds and CSI, I really wondered why I had put them away for so long.

This is my first ever attempt in paper piecing.  After seeing the gorgeous Hexy MF Quilt Along by Katie Jones about to start up at Fat Quarterly, I knew I had to try it!  I immediately ordered the Hexagon templates and paper piecing Hexagons and pulled a recently purchased Fat Quarter Bundle of Paradise by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery Fabrics from Moona Fabrics to use with a wonderful Kona Chartreuse Green cotton as my hexy flower centers.

I tried hand basting my hexies for awhile and although relaxing, I found it a bit time consuming with everything else going on so I started glue basting instead (I hope I won't regret this decision when I go to pull  my papers out).  I am definitely hooked now on paper piecing now and hope to try some more different shapes and patterns!

So now that I've pulled my UFO out of hiding, I've been keeping it close to the couch so I can sit and stitch while watching some TV in the evenings and hopefully get this quilt done some time this year!!!

I only have 17 flowers stitched together and I need 68 full Hexy flowers just for the body of the quilt and another 6 flowers for the border ones on the vine.

Here's my beauties all stacked up:

And here they are spread out:

I'm planning on using a dark grey background just like the sample pic to really make everything pop!

So wish me luck on my adventure and any tips or comments would be greatly appreciated!!!



Denise :) said...

Stephanie, I love the layout you're using -- I've never seen it before! And your fabrics are yummy! Isn't English paper piecing a wonderful 'mindless' activity?! I'm always amazed how much of it I accomplish while watching a movie or something else! Glad you linked up to Sarah's blog this week, so I could find you! :)

Kirsty said...

Lovely! Like you don't have enough projects and activities on the go! You are certainly one creative woman Steph! I am jealous!